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et al Creative

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et al Creative aims to connect the passionate energy of talented minds with the market savvy direction of thought leaders in tune with what readers want. Our mission is to develop exceptional books. By connecting publishers with our creative collective, we will bring big ideas to the page.

What We Do

We know every editor has a wish list, an idea their readers will love, a project that fills a gap in the market. Publishers have access to valuable data as well as key insights into vendor needs and expectations. But what if no one submits that dream book?

et al Creative offers a solution.

We provide publishers a way to fill gaps in their lists and meet market demands. We listen to editors and then turn their big ideas over to a hand-picked creative team of working professionals in the industry. Depending on the project, these can include active writers building their own name, established authors looking to expand their brand, and members of the editorial community looking to participate creatively.

This is where the magic happens. Something powerful occurs when extraordinary minds take wishlist ideas into a professional writing room. Audacious creativity and daring solutions flourish. The et al Creative consortium transforms dreams into completed books.


et al Creative is lead by veterans of the publishing business. Emily Sylvan Kim is a literary agent with over 15 years of experience. Lea Taddonio holds a Creative Writing degree and writes under a pseudonym with Hachette Book Group and HarperCollins. Their positions on the front lines of this volatile and evolving publishing landscape has equipped them with the experience and perspective to deliver successfully.

Contact Us

"et al." means and others. That's where you come in. If you are a publisher interested in learning how et al's creative think tank can get to work enhancing your list, please contact Emily at esk (at) etalcreative.com.

Want to write for et al Creative? Authors are encouraged to submit expressions for interest to Lea at lmt (at) etalcreative.com. Please include a 10 page writing sample in the body of the email (no attachments). Also, please include preferred genres and your publishing record.